The Chargimals are cute little monsters that represent a variety of illnesses and conditions.  They live in an alternate universe called Chargieville, alongside Normberts who are the normal, healthy people who just don't get what it's like to have a chronic health problem.  


There is always something fun happening in Chargieville because the Chargimals live life to the fullest, despite their limitations.


You can find some of their adventures on social media, but you can enjoy all of the Chargimals shenanigans in their stories found on Patreon.  You can even be involved in what happens next in Chargieville!  Go now!  Check them out today!

My Chargimals

"Elly" aka Bellydonus, the Inflammatory Bowel Disease monster

"D" aka Depresosaur the Depression monster

"Snore" aka Snore-A-Lot the Fatigue monster

"Gia" aka Fibrosaurus

the Fibromyalgia monster

"Annie" aka Anxieton

the Generalized Anxiety monster

"Petey" aka Stressdisorian

the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder monster

"Missy" aka Misdiagnosicorn the Misdiagnosis monster

"Foggy" aka Foggosaurus the Brain Fog monster

Check them out !

Disclaimer:  The fact that I am also the writer of a lot of the Chargimals stories should in no way influence your decision to love them.  They are awesome all on their own.  

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