Woo hoo....oh damn!

After all the nonsense back and forth about whether or not I was eligible for assistance, I was finally APPROVED for help to pay for my Entyvio!! I've never been more excited to receive a potentially dangerous medication that could have some really serious side effects. Weird, huh?

I desperately needed the help and I am so thrilled that it came through. What also came through though was something from my pharmacy that I probably wasn't even supposed to see. The actual cost of ONE DOSE (just the one dose - mind you I need three doses in the first two months of treatment and then roughly six doses every year after that. But for just one dose of Entyvio it cost...

Yes, that actually says eight thousand three hundred eighty one dollars and fifty nine cents! How the.... What the..... I can't even!

Why is this medication so expensive? How is that even possible? This makes absolutely no sense to me. I have been on some crazy expensive medications in my career as a patient, but nothing like this. I did a little research and found several different prices for Entyvio actually. Some in the $3,000 range and some in the $5,000 range. I'm not sure exactly where the mark up to over $8,000 comes in. I am definitely going to investigate this further. For right now I am going to take the win and just be grateful that I got some help so I can start this medication. But believe you me, this is not going to be the last thing I have to say about the insane cost of medications.

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