That Escalated Quickly

Brain: Hey, let's make a whole website for your blog. It'll be so cool.

Jenni: Uh, how?

Brain: We're smart, we can figure it out. Let's do it!

Jenni: Uhh...

Brain: Come on!! Do it!

Jenni: ...

Jenni: Sure, why the hell not?! Let's do this!

And that's how that transpired. Except now I have this whole entire website and I'm still trying to figure out how to simply turn my phone on and off. I am the most technologically unsavvy person on the planet, but now I have figure out what to do with all this. "Make a website" my brain said. "It'll be fun" it said. Yeah - and a shit ton of work!

In less than a month I am already getting notices, inquiries, and messages - which is super cool and I'm really happy. But, I'm struggling a little trying to figure it all out.

If you don't get a reply right away, never fear. We have received your message and we are working on replies. I have enlisted the help of my trusty counterpart and co-conspirator, Jenn to help. Between the two of us, someone will be getting back with you soon on behalf of Jenni's Guts.

We're also still working on what exactly it means to be a member of the website too. But we know we want members, so sign up! You also will need to be a member to view our page all about Medical Marijuana called Chronic'ally Ill'in'. You do not want to miss that! It's nearly completed and ready to roll out so keep watching for it. It's dope AF! Promise!

Thank you so much for your patience. The overwhelmingly wonderful response to the website has been amazing! Even if I am still trying to figure out how it all works. No worries though, Jen and Jenn are on it!


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