It's the end of the world as we know it!

What's down is up, what's black is white, the whole world is topsy-turvy! Believe it or not I can't poop!

Actually, that's a total lie. I can still poop, and quite a lot actually, but something is definitely different with my guts lately. And, since I know you have been dying for an update on my bathroom habits, I'll go ahead and fill you in.

I'm finding that my belly has been really bloated and extra crampy lately, and there seems to be an excess of gas that is quite happy with simply rolling around and having a little party inside my bowels because it's definitely not moving or coming out. Also, when I do have to go, even though it's still urgent and loose like always, it's more difficult for me to go. I'm not sure how to even explain this. My diarrhea seems... well, dry. And that is making things quite a bit more unpleasant than normal.

I had an appointment with Dr. GI last week and we discussed it. He said it could very well be small intestinal bacterial overgrowth or SIBO. There is a handy little article about that HERE. Basically, it means that the bacteria that live in other parts of the intestinal tract normally, shoulda taken that left toin at Albakoikee because they somehow ended up in the small intestines. Right where they are NOT supposed to be.

This can cause stomach pain, cramping, bloating, diarrhea and constipation. (Yeah, super specific symptoms, right?) Dr. GI recommended that I start a quick course of antibiotics to see if that wipes out the bacteria thus alleviating my symptoms. Here's hoping I don't get a secondary infection from the antibiotics. That would be just my luck.

Other than it feeling like I can't go, or at least go like normal, and feeling bloated, crampy, and a little yucky from whatever that is all about, things intestinally speaking, are doing okay. I still poop - a lot. I think if that ever did stop going so much it would definitely be a sign of a cataclysmic event. I really cannot complain about my stomach being a little bitchy lately though. It seems like everyone I know is sick with some kind of flu, virus, or infection. What's worse is that none of the medication that they are all taking seems to be helping. I know two people who were in the hospital recently for pneumonia and even the MA at Dr. GI's office told me she had the flu over Christmas and then strep throat right after that. It's literally only the first full week of January! I think I'll take my bad belly, not complain, stay home, and mind my business.

Wash your hands, push extra fluids and be well everyone!

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