Fine, I'll make a statement about it.

You can't look anywhere without hearing or seeing something about this Coronavirus situation. I went to the gas station today and there was a man in gloves and a mask telling people he had been sick for several days. Then he would laugh and say, "Nah, I'm kidding. I'm diabetic and I do this every year so I don't get the flu. I'm hoping it protects me from Corona too." I actually respected his humor. You know, I wasn't worried about this whole thing at all actually. Well, not until today, that is. After today, this pandemic thing finally has my attention. Shit is getting real.

I'm really not worried about getting sick. Yes, I'm immuno-compromised, though not as much as some of my fellow chronic illness warriors. I'm also not currently taking immuno-suppressant medication so that's a plus. I wash my hands regularly, I don't touch other people when I'm in public, I actually don't touch anything unless I absolutely have to. I stay home when I'm sick and generally always only go out if I absolutely have to. That's how I normally live my life. If I can stay home, I will. I'm not worried about having to practice social isolation. Social isolation is a way of life for me on a normal day. I'm good with it.

What I am worried about is all the people who are clearly panicking. People are buying up all sorts of things (toilet paper, eggs, potatoes, hand soap, etc...) and not leaving anything for the next person. There is no sense in that. It's causing an already tense situation to become even more tense. And it's just poor behavior. Come on people, we can do better. This would all go a little smoother if we didn't overreact and only take what we absolutely need when we are shopping.

I'm also worried because I cannot get consistent information from anywhere. I don't mean my friends' Facebook statuses or Yahoo news either. I mean real, trustworthy information from sources like The Center for Disease Control, World Health Organization, my State, and local news websites. They all have different statistics on the number of reported and confirmed cases of the virus for my area and even the world. Why? How can it all be different? And not even a little different - staggeringly different statistics. Shouldn't all of these resources have consistent and accurate information. It's really hard to decipher what information to trust. This just incites more panic.

And I'm more recently worried about the fact that my state (and many others) have shut down dine in restaurants and bars. I feel like that's just a couple steps away from total lockdown - which is actually happening in a lot of other countries. People who work in bars and restaurants aren't typically making a lot of money. They need their jobs. They need their paychecks. If you think people are going to get crazy over not being able to find toilet paper in the stores, wait until their income starts getting messed with. It's setting us up for a total disaster and I hate to be on the bandwagon of panic, but I can see this getting really dicey, really soon.

Kids being out of school for possibly the rest of the school year is also a concern for so many reasons I can't even list them all. Like I said, I'm not worried about getting sick, I'm worried about all the people panicking and what's going to happen in society as all of this unfolds.

So, in response to all this craziness, here are some inappropriate memes to get you through. Might as well laugh before we all completely lose our minds! Enjoy!

Stay safe, wash your hands, don't be a selfish ass when you go out for supplies, be kind, and don't be gross. And definitely don't panic! We'll get through this. I promise.


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