'Crohn'icles - Season 25 Episode 2, "The Abscess"

Any issue that has ever arisen with my Crohn's has been unsettling. You would think after 25 years it would get easier. It doesn't. Now I'm having a new issue with my Crohn's, something I have no experience with and never had to deal with before. And it's during a global pandemic! That makes it just downright scary.

New symptoms are frightening enough, but when you really can't, shouldn't, and don't want to go to a doctor's office or hospital, it only complies the anxiety. Technically, if it is an emergent situation the doctor can and will see me and I have been in contact with them via telephone several times so I'm technically not going without care. Physically going to see them is a different story though. I have really been reevaluating what I think is considered emergent or not. I think symptoms I would have once considered a definite reason to go see a doctor, go to the hospital, or consider having testing for, are being rethought as issues that could probably wait - at least a few more weeks. It's just not worth the risk of maybe picking up this virus thing on top of everything else I'm dealing with. It's also not worth it to chance that maybe I am a carrier of Covid-19 and not showing symptoms, that I could possibly spread it to someone else. How horrible would that?!

My abscess (I really need to come up with a name for it because "abscess" is just an ugly word), is still there. It's maybe a little smaller. Some days I think it has gotten really small, but other days I think it's the same size as it was when it started. Some days it leaks a little blood, but no pus (another ugly word I hate) or foul smelling grossness. Some days it doesn't really hurt, and other days it stings and is moderately uncomfortable. I've been diligently taking my antibiotics. After today I have about a week left. My hope was that this thing would have resolved itself and been almost, if not totally, gone by now. Unfortunately, that's not the case.

I did find out that the surgeon who did my hernia repair also deals with perianal abscesses and would be willing to be my doctor for whatever incision/draining I might need. This makes me happy. First of all, she's a woman and it just makes me a little more comfortable. Secondly, I already know her. I am already a patient and we have a history. She has already operated on me twice and that just seems more appropriate to me somehow. I also really like the people in her office. They are all really nice and very comforting. You might not know this about me, but I am a super anxious person and can sometimes be a lot to deal with in regards to all my weird anxieties and quirks about things. (Shocker, I know!!) When I find people who are able to handle that well, I stick with them. I don't really mean to be a neurotic mess, but that's just the way it is sometimes. I freak out over things that most people can handle and I can handle most things others would freak out over. I never did like doing things the way everyone else does anyway.

So the plan is to finish my antibiotics and if by some miraculous turn of events the abscess is gone, then Hallelujah! But, more than likely it will not be gone, so I am going to see if I can get a few more weeks worth of antibiotics to stave off any further infection or worsening of the abscess. By then, hopefully the worst of the global plague will be past us and it will be a little safer to venture into a doctor's office or hospital. Then I will have this thing properly dealt with once and for all. After that, it's back to Dr. GI to discuss my treatment to deal with the Crohn's and prevent this abscess, and any of it's little friends, from coming back. This mean Humira or maybe Entyvio. This will be my first experience with biologics so stay tuned for new episodes of Crohn'icles. It's sure to be entertaining.

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