A Brand Spanking New Website

I'm super excited to announce that Jenni's Guts has a full blown website now! So many things are happening here and we have lots of new pages for you to check out!

All my chronic health conditions are listed together with a definition of each so it's more informative. There are plenty of links and resources, and also a recommended reading section with links to other blogs and websites that I think you should take a gander at. There is still a page dedicated to clinical trials and don't worry - there are still plenty of memes!

I'm personally fond of the ALL NEW Therapy Cat Corner! Who doesn't love cat pictures? I'm also really excited to be featuring a brand new section all about medical marijuana called "Chronic"ally Illin'. The best part about this page isn't even the weed - it's that's my cousin, Jennie Dilldine, from her blog, Your're Not Crazy, You're Sick, and I will be working on this together!

There a lot of things to see so take a look around, subscribe to the site, and if you like, send me a message. Thanks so much for joining me.


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